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Pomino Bianco DOC

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Pomino Bianco comes from one of Tuscany’s most renowned areas for the production of high-quality wine. A blend of mainly Chardonnay and Pinot Bianco, with small parts of complementary varieties, the Pomino Bianco DOC is comprised of grapes harvested from the estate vineyards of Castello di Pomino, Pomino and Rufina. The Pomino Bianco offers a very appealing and well balanced palate with a dynamic finish that recalls the aromas of the bouquet.

A sparkling straw yellow precedes a nose notable for its forward, cleanly-defined aromas. Delicate floral notes of lily of the valley and hawthorn blossoms yield to fruiter notes of apple, pear, peach, and banana, ending with an elegant nuance of earthy mineral notes. A rounded, smooth palate offers rich, appealing flavors and a bracing vein of crisp acidity. This is a truly elegant, well-balanced wine, concluding with a very lengthy, delicious finish.

Delicious with antipasti, fish steaks or fillets, such as Halibut.

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